Book 1-1 Demo

Digital Content (Elearning) - Lv1

Build and convert existing content to elearning standards (Level 1)

Convert the live course (including lecture slides, slide notes and tests) provided by the customer to an electronic lecture with the following criteria:

  • Build storyboards for eLearning lessons: do not change the structure and content of the lesson (keep the sequence of content, keep the content on the main slide, keep the examples), divide the lecture into modules about 15-30 minutes long (if the original lecture is long)
  • Design images, local layout on each slide to illustrate the lecture content
  • Recording the contents of the lecture
  • Design motion graphics to illustrate lecture content
  • There are basic effects, the content is given from reading speed.
  • There are basic forms of interaction such as moving forward/backward between slides
  • Create a quiz for each lesson. After answering each question, students get the correct answer and explain why

Export course files (including quiz) according to SCORM, AICC, Tincan standards

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