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Cloud Training Management System

About TMS Cloud

TMS cloud is a cloud-based learning management solution that enables businesses of all sizes to create training materials and courses. Key features include content creation, reporting, group collaboration and internal messaging.

TMS Cloud comes with a course builder, which allows businesses to create customizable online courses and training materials using a drag-and-drop interface and other authoring tools. Its built-in forums, social network platforms and live chat messaging modules enable users to communicate across courses and groups in real time. It provides an integrated e-commerce store, which allows enterprises to sell online courses to individual agents and organizations via generating keycodes/web links.

TMS comes with an application programming interface (API) which allows businesses to modify the system and integrate it with various third-party solutions such as Mail, Dropbox, Gmail and more.

TMS help to manage classrom training with interactive activity on Mobile or laptop as: SCAN QR Code for check join the session/course, scan QR Code to make survery, Quiz when learner in in-house training with mobile.

TMS design with learning point (Learning reward) to record and motivation throud join or finish activity or course.

TMS design with many functions as frameworks, Roadmap Training, Career path which set up to ever learner.