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Custom Content with SCORM/xAPI/Cmi5

How to convert SCORM to xAPI

1. Identify which standard you need

Before you get started, it’s worthwhile to identify why you are converting SCORM to xAPI. Each standard serves a specific need, so weigh your options carefully. It doesn’t make sense to use xAPI to replicate SCORM tracking.


SCORM is the most universal standard, which makes it very easy to use, but it tracks limited data.


xAPI helps you track learning activities outside an LMS and connect those to learning that happens within systems.


cmi5 provides rules intended to achieve interoperability in a traditional, SCORM environment while adding on xAPI’s flexibility.


2. Select the right tool for converting SCORM to xAPI

Next up, you’ll want to choose the right tool for your situation.

Publish content as xAPI/cmi5 in your authoring tool

If the authoring tool you already use supports xAPI or cmi5, you’re in luck! Your authoring tool should allow you to select the original course file and publish your course to the standard of your choice. Looking for an authoring tool that supports xAPI? Check out the authoring tools on our xAPI Adopters list.

 Add xAPI/cmi5 support to your authoring tool

If you’re an authoring tool provider or have built a content creation tool and you want to make sure it can export content as xAPI or cmi5, Rustici Driver is made to do just that.

 Use your LMS or learning platform to convert SCORM data to xAPI or cmi5

If you already maintain a learning system for your content, Rustici Engine and SCORM Cloud allow you to play a SCORM or AICC course and automatically convert SCORM data into xAPI statements. Even if you don’t yet have xAPI activities, Engine and Cloud allow you to start generating and tracking xAPI statements with existing SCORM content.

This is really helpful for those who want to be able to migrate xAPI data seamlessly to other systems. For example, if you were implementing a new learning analytics system that supported xAPI and wanted to generate xAPI statements from SCORM courses to input into that system, Engine and Cloud help you do that.

 Deliver existing xAPI and cmi5 courses to SCORM-only LMSs

If you’re most concerned about which systems can deliver your courses, then we have some options to help. Using Rustici Dispatch or Content Controller, you decide which standard to use for your courses and share it with your clients in the standard their LMS supports. So if you are ready to start using xAPI for your courses but your customer’s LMS only supports SCORM, you’re all set.

3. Use developer tools if you’d prefer

Are you a developer looking to convert SCORM to xAPI data? We’d recommend getting started with these resources:

TinCanJS code library

This JavaSCript library can help you launch and capture xAPI data.

 xAPI Prototypes

Need inspiration? View examples of xAPI statements generated by a course.

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