Book 1-1 Demo


Convert the face-to-face course (including lecture slides, slide notes, and tests) provided by the customer to an e-learning lecture with the following criteria:

  • Build storyboards for eLearning lessons: do not change the structure and content of the lesson (keep the sequence of content, keep the content on the main slides, keep the examples). Break up a lecture into modules of about 15-30 minutes in length (if the original lecture is long)
  • Write the script (based on the slide notes that Pru provided) in the spoken word.
  • Design images, layout on each slide to illustrate the lecture content
  • Recording the content on the lecture
  • Design motion graphics to illustrate lecture content
  • There are basic effects, the content is brought out slowly according to the reading speed
  • There are basic forms of interaction, like moving forward/backwards between slides
  • Create quiz for each set. After answering each question, students get the correct answer and explain why
  • Use one of the more advanced forms of content illustration: video, animation clip, gamification… in the lecture

Export course files (including quiz) according to SCORM, AICC, Tincan standards