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How to Draw a Flat Design Character

How to Draw a Flat Design Character

Right now, you may be asking yourself: What on earth is Flat Character Design?

Well, the answer is quite simple, it's a simplistic character design style that's two-dimensional and features a flat image with minimal highlights, shadows, or details (or, sometimes none at all).

In design theory terms, flat design focuses on rendering images without skeuomorphism or three-dimensionality.

In Flat Design, from it born the notorious corporate illustrations style, simplicity is king and bold color contrast is queen. It's one of the current design trends that uses vivid color combinations to help sell products and services online.

Drawing in a flat style makes it much easier to convey an idea, and that's why it's perfect for infographics, manuals, logo design, app icons, mobile interfaces, and book illustrations.

Alright, enough about design movements (for now). Let's get started with our tutorial! You can watch the video version below, or keep reading.

What You'll Need:

• iPad

• Apple Pencil

• The latest version of Vectornator


What You'll Learn:

• How to import a reference sketch

• How to use the Pen Tool

• How to use the Pencil Tool

• How to use the Shape Tool

• How to organize layers

• How to perform Boolean Operations