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Announcement of opening Hanoi office

Ho Chi Minh City-based Itechco opened a new large office in Hanoi, marking a big step forward for Itechco after nearly 12 years of construction and development.

Marking the 12-year development journey, Itechco not only achieved the goals as planned but also brought many achievements beyond expectations. Therefore, in order to move towards a new journey ahead, with many big and long-term goals, Itechco has decided to expand the scale of headquarters with a new office.

The office is designed to be eye-catching, in addition to the main area for Itechco-Er to work, there is also a collective living area with internal events, programs, or amusement, entertainment, inspiration, relieve stress…

With a big vision, Itechco aims to a professional and dynamic working environment, strives to promote the brand, become a training solution in the largest B2B model in Vietnam and reach out to the world.